Achieve more design-wins
with Geppetto.

Make your components accessible to all engineers
with a simple drag and drop design tool.

Right on your website.
Simple <iframe> integration.
Dedicated setup & support.
CMS for content and pricing.
Prototyping Redefined

For you and your customers.

Sell more components by making the electronics design process more accessible.
Full integration and setup assistance to get you up and running quickly.
Gain unique product insights based on what customers are designing.
Provide manufacturing services for engineers driving IoT and Edge AI forward.

Create an ecosystem for the design & delivery of printed circuit boards.

Easy to use design tool integrated with your products and your branding.

Simple customization of your products to meet individualized requirements.

Free access to the Geppetto platform and user generated CAD files from any browser.

Geppetto is embedded using and <iframe> and can be accessed via subdomain.

Dedicated setup & support from our engineering team to get you up and running.

Content Management System for full control over technical content and pricing.

Drag & Drop Design

Geppetto allows your customers to quickly design and order completely functioning printed circuit boards.

The module based design tool allows customers to create completely custom solutions to their problems.
Easy Configuration

Customers can configure a new board design with parts and components from your inventory & supply chain.

Components are automatically formatted onto a board layout and placement can be adjusted on the Geppetto workspace.
Export CAD Files

Easy CAD downloads, compatible with industry standard design tools.

Customers can download schematic, layout & BOM files in Altium, Eagle or Kicad formats.
3D Design Preview

Customers can see their design come to life, right in their browser.

Get instant previews of how boards will look, as well as STL files to use as placeholders for industrial design.

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Our engineering team adds your component library to the application.
We deliver a working subdomain you can embed onto your website.

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